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Funeral and Memorial Services

A funeral reflects a personal, unique service in which the beliefs, wishes, values and cultural traditions of the person are all sensitively respected.

I will ensure that the cherished things that made your loved one who they were are included in the funeral and service.

Their music, hobbies, interests, poems, colours, beliefs, values and quirky individuality, through your stories and your memories, will all be remembered.

You may wish for family and friends to participate in the service and I happily encourage this whilst being by their side in support.

The service can be religious, non-religious, semi-religious, spiritual or of no named faith, whichever you prefer.

Funeral ceremonies can be held in a crematorium, cemetery or natural burial grounds, either prior to or following a cremation or burial.

It is also possible to have the ceremony elsewhere, for example woodland burial grounds, fields, gardens, community halls, a pub, the family home, a barn, hotel or even a football ground if that has more meaning for you.

Memorial services, scattering or burial of ashes and group memorials are also available.

Funeral directors’ responsibilities include arranging ceremonies, and their fees cover this. This means that if you would like to to book me specifically for a memorial service or a funeral, you simply have to inform the funeral director and ask them to contact me.


Whatever your dream wedding may be, it would be my pleasure to help you achieve your dream and be part of your wonderful day.

Baby & Child Naming

The naming ceremony is a joyful celebration of a child's welcome into the family which can take many forms. Allow me to provide a unique welcome.


A divorce ceremony can help individuals move on from the past gently, to a future place of happiness and contentment.

Funeral and Memorial

Celebrating a loved one's life with sensitivity and respect is a fitting and unique tribute, which can bring comfort and peace.

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