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Who is Katrina May Celebrant

Who am I & why am I an Independent Celebrant ? Katrina May born May 1972 in Stoke on Trent (the city of Oatcakes). The youngest child of four children. Two amazing parents, a huge garden to play in, kitchen always full of home cooked food, strong working ethic’s and love for each other . Lot’s of pet’s, Airedales, Welsh Terriers, rabbits and the odd cat. My parent’s working all the hours they could to provide for us all. And sunniest of camping holidays in Devon & Cornwall. No sun cream or mobile phones in those day’s. Just adventures, play, cuddles and constant love.

That’s what I remember anyway my brother remembers it different. Years later our parent’s bought a Fish and Chip shop in let’s say an acquired taste of area back then, till one horrid day dad had an accident and pain took over my dad’s health. The shop was sold within day’s and we moved to our second child/adulthood family home. More dogs, chickens and a cat that was well into her 20’s and the Cow my dad befriended ‘Mavis’…Best home ever !!

Busty Blue VW Camper…. Billy the Beetle…

So from the caring profession I went to live and work in France for a short while. Loved it, loved the wine and loved the cheese. Did not enjoy the waist line increase but would I try all those foods again, Hell Yes !!!!I’ve worked 7+ years for a most loving, exquisite, beautiful lady and her family, in what was the most breathtaking place to work.. They will forever be in my heart..I’ve bought a 52ft Narrow boat ‘ Shroppie Lass ‘ thinking her name was Stroppy Lass only took a few month’s to realise it wasn’t. I lived on her for 5 years on my own. Hard work but such a magical way of living. I was told by many people, it was stupid to think I could live on a boat on my own. So with my family behind me I did it anyway…!

Shroppie Lass at Nantwich Marina.

I then got the opportunity to live in Malta with my then Texan boyfriend.

Now that story has to be told over a bottle of wine and nibbles.. alas that didn’t work out ( I say thankfully, but I’ll always love him). Malta has my heart, if you have never been then why not ? Go and take me with you..please

I’ve worked in the Public sector elsewhere but something wasn’t right so I trained to become a Celebrant with the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, hence why I’m here now.

Last year we lost our beautiful dad/mum’s husband, Pop’s, Grumpy Grandad. Our lives will never be the same, he might have moaned a little bit ( OK a lot) but for the last 30 plus years he was in a lot of pain, but what we realised from babies was if he loved you he never ever stopped loving you !

The void he has left is colossal but the love and memories he left us are immense.

Dad made us the strong, close family that we are today. That and the mother ship of our universe ‘mum’, the backbone of our family had more to do with the running, steering and landing of the whole ship. When I say to people ‘I wish everyone had a mum like ours’. I truly mean it, the world would be such a better place.

Pop’s, Mammy and myself. Blackpool..

Mammy and myself aged 6 /7 yrs Camping in Cornwall

So this is where I get my passion from. My family and my dreams.

I’m nearly 47 yrs young ‘I know I don’t look it, thank you !  A little on the quirky side so I’m told. I live for love, happiness, family, friends, loyalty, Bertie our dog,food, wine, beer, sea fishing, cooking, classical music ( Max Ritcher), doTERRA oil’s and chocolate. Flinging the bra off at the end of the day, holiday’s off the beaten track, making memories for everyone that enters my life,wine did I already say wine and feeling loved..

Why wouldn’t I ?

What I dislike : filling the car with petrol, ironing and rude, ill mannered people, Oh and smoked food eeewwwww.

The ‘Right of Passage’ is something I’ve believed in all my life, I just never knew what it was called, only took me 40+ years..

So you want to marry in the rain,snow,sun, on a mountain, up a tree, hot air balloon, something you and only you both have ever thought of ? Renewing your Vows in front of recent family and friends.Do not want a Christening for your child for your own reasons then a Naming Ceremony is what you are looking for. Are you looking for a more heartfelt service for your loved one’s final day where words that are spoken truly represent your loved one.My dad’s final day was gut wrenching yet beautiful, it was a celebration of his life, tears, sadness, story’s, laughter, memories and unconditional love from everyone. I knew we all did him proud that sunny day. That’s how Rights of Passage should be, from the heart. If not then why bother

Well that is me in a nut shell,to delve deeper I promise you would require a glass of something fruity or in a pint glass, a few tissues for the sadness but more for the giggles.. I’m a lady (girl aged 26 yrs in my head) that wears my heart on my sleeve, but strong enough to take no messing..If you think I’m the Celebrant you are looking for then please contact me by all my Social Network platforms.

Sunrise, Sunset or even in the middle of the night.There’s no limitation only what you limit yourself, that’s where I come in ..Take care and remember to love yourself first xx 

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