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Where can I get married?

There are lots of ways in looking into booking your dream wedding.

Location will probably on top of your list ?

If you want to get married legally your venue has to be ‘licensed for marriage’ . The venue must be a permanent structure with a roof approved.

So the place you want to marry isn’t licensed or doesn’t have a structure then that is not a problem.

With a Celebrants it is possible to marry anywhere in England and Wales. You separate your legal sinning to your venue, as simple as that.

You are required to arrange the legal paperwork separately from your actual ceremony with your celebrant.

Book in at your local registration office to suit you nearer to your wedding day. State that you have booked your Celebrant, and you only require a simple service to complete your paperwork and declarations. You can save your ring exchanges and vows till your ceremony with your Celebrant. Just inform them when you book. Don’t forget your two witnesses !

This allows you to hold your service where ever your heart desires, so long as you have permission from the venue or land owner.

Ceremonies can be held at a Non licensed venue. A back garden, a field, on a farm,on a beach, in a magical woodland, a hot air balloon, on a narrow boat, stately home, festivals, vineyards, by a lake, in a lake, a cave, a brewery, the zoo, a golf courses, a gallery, a railway, a mountain, a castle, so you want it let’s go get it.

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